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World Politics Review: The politics of nation-building December 8, 2009

By Karoun Demirjian After eight years of operations in Afghanistan, and the recent announcement that additional troop deployments will continue to execute a strategy that stretches the military beyond its traditional combat role for at least another 18 months, the above quotation could easily convey the commitment-fatigue prevalent in Washington these days. But the ominous warning, […]

Portland Press Herald: Soldiers’ noncombat deaths leave nagging questions October 8, 2006

By Karoun Demirjian In the loft of her house in Newcastle, Barbara Damon-Day spends every morning searching for answers to why her son, National Guard Capt. Patrick D. Damon, died suddenly in Afghanistan on June 15. “I feel very tuned in. Every day, when I get out of bed, I think of a name to […]